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Larson STRONG Activity -- Parent Connect #2, “Inclusion”

The second activity in our Larson STRONG program took place earlier today and focused on the idea of inclusion.   First, teachers and students talked about what inclusion and exclusion mean and what it might look like at school.  Students then completed an activity (called a Color/Symbol/Image) to further examine their thinking about these ideas.   We also had students complete a short survey to share their perceptions of being included at Larson.

It is incredibly important that all students feel included and welcome as they learn each day at Larson.  One of Troy’s best qualities is its incredible diversity and wealth of cultures and backgrounds.   We celebrate that diversity by challenging your student to reach out to someone who may have been excluded and include them!  To maximize the impact of our message, we hope you have an opportunity to talk with your student tonight (or sometime soon) about the discussions they had with their classmates and teacher.  Below are several follow-up questions: 

  • How does including others help the Larson community?
  • Could you make any personal connections to the inclusion – exclusion discussion? How did you connect it with your life?
  • What did you think about the article about the boy’s birthday party?
  • What tools or strategies could you use to include someone you see that as being left out and uncomfortable in a situation?
  • Why do you think kids purposefully exclude others? Besides physical proximity, how can you include others?
  • In the Color, Symbol, Image activity, what were the most interesting thoughts from your group?
  • PARENTS -- share a situation with your student when you felt included or excluded. 

Larson STRONG activities are part of our ongoing commitment to provide a positive learning environment for your student each day.   Thank you for your support!