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Larson STRONG Activity -- Parent Connect #4, “Integrity”

The fourth activity in our Larson STRONG program took place earlier today and focused on the idea of integrity.  In particular, we focused on the idea of academic integrity and how students can demonstrate it in school on a daily basis.  Students viewed academic integrity through different perspectives, including how parents, friends, and teachers might react if they were to demonstrate academic dishonesty.

Below are some guiding principles as you discuss this with your student:

  • Focus on the learning  Reinforce with your student the importance of learning as a vehicle to improve their skills and abilities.  Taking a shortcut may provide a short-term boost but always has a long-term consequence.
  • Encourage students to plan ahead!  When pressured for time, students may feel that cheating is their only option.  It’s critically important that they learn to plan ahead to prepare for tests and papers.  A little bit each night is better than the night before!  If they aren’t able to devote the time needed to complete an assignment, have them talk to their teacher about extending the deadline.  
  • Challenge your student to stand up for what is right!  This is a tough one, especially for middle schoolers.  When asked by friends to cheat or provide answers, rehearse a response!  Reinforce that true friends don’t ask one another to break rules. 
  • Discuss the consequences.   Larson, and all Troy Schools, have clearly defined consequences for academic dishonesty.  Take a few moments to review our policies.  Furthermore, remind them of other consequences such as missing an important learning opportunity and/or disappointing family.

Larson STRONG activities are part of our ongoing commitment to provide a positive learning environment for your student each day.   Thank you for your support!