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STRONG Lesson – "Attitude" Parent Connect

We had another great STRONG lesson yesterday in your student’s 5th hour class and focused on the power of a positive attitude.   Together, each class came up with characteristics to describe those who carry a positive attitude.  We focused on the idea that mistakes and setbacks will happen for all of us.  It is how we respond to these disappointments that will ultimately lead us to a successful and happy future.  Please take a moment to chat with your student about the power of attitude!  Below are some questions you can consider together: 

  • Think or visualize someone who typically has a good attitude.  How do they display or show a good attitude?
  • Think or visualize someone you think typically has a lousy attitude. What are the outward signs indicating this person has a bad attitude?
  • They say, “Attitude is a Choice!” What are the things in your life you’d choose to change to help you have a more positive attitude?
  • If negative things are happening to you, how can you keep a positive outlook? Tell me about a few of them.