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Larson Middle School  |  Our Mission

The mission of Larson Middle School is to ensure learning for all members of the school community. Our vision is to remain an exemplary learning community that embraces innovation and is committed to continuous improvement. In order to support the mission & vision, our STRONG core values are resilience, respect, responsibility, and relationships. They represent ways to improve self-worth, personal relationships amongst peers and student to teacher relationships. Each year we re-evaluate our focus and areas of improvement determining how to better serve the Larson community.

Larson staff is a learning community that values character education and adheres to the same core values that guide the students. Larson focuses on promoting pro-kindness rather than an anti-bullying sentiment. The STRONG model has had a dramatic impact over the course of the last four years reaching the hallways, classrooms, assemblies, social media, and LMS spirit wear. These items have helped establish a STRONG brand here at Larson. The emphasis of STRONG relationships with teachers and students permeates throughout teachers’ lessons and interactions within the hallways. Communication among staff, students and families has created a team environment where we are focused on each child’s success.

A kick-off assembly reminds students of our pillars, rules and expectations. Posters, displays, and t-shirts act as reminders of our pillars. The STRONG monthly lessons promote activities, discussions, and evaluation of our core values. We are focusing more on the intrinsic motivation with the 4 pillars. Teachers begin the school year by establishing a culture of mutual respect and understanding. This focus on positive relationships, motivates students to display integrity. Incorporation of the 4 pillars in discussions/lessons is visible beyond the STRONG lessons. 

Character development is built into our curriculum, school activities, and the core values of Larson. Staff and students have worked collaboratively to develop a common understanding of our four pillars and what they look like in every aspect of our daily life at Larson. Those collaborations are ongoing and have resulted in multiple opportunities for students to develop their character. Larson students are encouraged to continually model and incorporate our four pillars within their daily lives. 

The restorative actions that are taking place at LMS are helping all students work toward improved healthy relationships. Specifically, students are considering their relationships, choosing how to promote respect, act on their responsibilities, and grow their resiliency skills during times they are challenged. The Larson STRONG community is committed to growing students in the most meaningful ways, especially in the area of character development.