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LMS STRONG -- Digital R's

As part of our Larson STRONG lesson, our staff and students were able to view the classroom version of the documentary Screenagers, which focuses on the impact of social media, video games, and the internet on academics and family/peer relationships. We discussed the challenges that result from operating in the digital world and how they relate to our 4Rs (Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, and Relationships). Screenagers deals with social media, video games, the internet and their impact on academics and family/peer relationships.


As a parent of two middle school students myself, I know that technology use presents a never-ending dilemma. Information is at our students' fingertips, but that comes with a cost and a real risk. The word that I come back to most often is BALANCE. We can't put our heads in the sand and pretend that technology isn't a real and essential part of our world. On the other hand, technology can't and shouldn't replace nor interfere with the relationships that we have with family and friends.

I'm hoping you get a chance to chat with your student about this important topic. Below are some questions you might choose to discuss:

1. What information or ideas were presented during Screenagers that you found interesting? Why?

2. What did you learn about yourself or others regarding tech use? What are the implications of using technology?

3. What steps can you, your family, and/or friends take to improve responsibility, respect, relationships and resilience while using technology?