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Larson STRONG Activity: “Mindfulness” -- Parent Connect #2

Larson STRONG Activity: “Mindfulness” -- Parent Connect #2

The second Larson STRONG activity took place earlier today and focused on the concept of mindfulness, which is a focus on the present moment, paying particular attention to our feelings, thoughts, and body.  It is a movement away from outward stressors or future events.  This is an important skill to develop, and certainly one that many adults find challenging to master.  Teachers and students investigated how mindfulness can combat stressful or anxious feelings. We learned that taking even a small amount of time to breathe deeply and intentionally can reduce these feelings and bring about a greater sense of calm.  

Below are some questions you can discuss with your student tonight if you wish:

  • What was the mindfulness jar and how did it model our brain in times of crisis and calm?
  • What does mindfulness mean to you?
  • Do you recognize when you are stressed?  Do others around you?
  • What was the science behind using breathing to help reduce feelings of stress?
  • What strategies are useful in processing the stress we feel?
  • How can we learn to exhibit more mindfulness as individuals and family members?  (Ex. – removing distractors and digital devices each day at the same time, setting limits, etc.)

Larson STRONG activities are part of our ongoing commitment to grow character among our students and provide a positive learning environment each day.   Special thanks to the LMS parents who participated in the development of this lesson.  Thank you for your support!

Joe Duda