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Policies » Transportation


Bike Riders
Many students choose to ride bikes to school when the weather permits. It is important for our students to know that they are not to ride their bikes around the traffic areas and in the front of the building. In addition, bikes must be kept in the bike rack area by the tennis courts. Students should lock their bikes, and if they have “pegs” that are not secured, they should be removed upon arrival at school and placed in back packs.

If your student rides a skateboard to or from school, please have her/him carry it instead of riding it while on school property. This includes all sidewalks, driveways and parking areas around Larson Middle School.

Bus Riders
Students are to ride their assigned bus. If it is necessary for a student to ride a bus other than the bus that they have been assigned on a given day, it is necessary to have a note to that effect signed by Mr. Seppanen or Dr. Kocenda for presentation to the driver of the bus prior to boarding. This note does not guarantee that a student may ride a different bus because of space considerations or other reasons, so it is always a good idea to have the student check with the driver in advance when possible. It is best to get this note signed during the school day. This policy is in force on all days that transportation is available to students, including half-days.