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Policies » Cell Phones, Lost and Found, and Gum

Cell Phones, Lost and Found, and Gum

Cell Phones
Cell phones are becoming a concern at Larson Middle School. We tell students that if they must have a cell phone, their cell phone cannot be used during school hours. Cell phones should be stored in lockers during the school day. We are discovering more and more issues with the phones. Students are keeping them in deep pockets or in purses and at times are receiving or sending phone calls at inappropriate times during the school day. When we discover this, we confiscate the phone. The second time that this happens, parents are required to pick up the phone after school. In addition, we are discovering that more and more cell phones are being stolen or lost at our school and it is becoming quite time consuming. Please instruct your child that if a cell phone is necessary, it cannot be used during school hours and it is to be secured in a locker.

Student Phone Calls
If a student needs to make a phone call please direct them to the office to speak with one of the secretaries.

Lost and Found
Please check the “Lost and Found” in our counseling office. At the end of every month these items will be placed on display in the cafeteria. If the items are not claimed, the remaining items will be donated to a charity. Please check the “Lost and Found” periodically for lost items.

The rule is: NO GUM!   Bacteria and viruses may be transmitted through gum “wads”, even after months of lying around. In addition, gum chewing can cause unnecessary custodial efforts and cleaning issues when left in sinks, on furniture and in the carpeting. Larson Middle School is joining a growing number of buildings across the district, state, and nation that are eliminating gum.