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Policies » School Closings and Emergencies

School Closings and Emergencies

School Closing and Severe Weather

During the winter months, conditions may make it necessary to close schools. School district policy, in general, is not to close schools unless weather and road conditions are such that the possible hazards to the children’s safety outweigh the educational value of school. When conditions are too dangerous for buses to be on the roads, schools will be closed.


If a decision is made to close schools, that information will be communicated to radio stations WWJ Newsradio 950, WJR, WXYT,WXYZ, WJLB,WWWW,WPON,WCXI, and cable channel 15 or 58 before 7:00 am. Please do not call the School District Administrative Center, radio stations, individual schools, or school officials’ homes. Such calls merely tie up phone lines and prevent necessary calls. If Troy is NOT listed as one of the schools closed, you should assume that Troy Schools will be open and Troy buses will be trying to cover their routes.

We will attempt NOT to send children home after school has started. However, on rare occasions when mechanical failures occur in the school building or when inclement weather develops after school is in session, it could become necessary to dismiss school early. It is important that all parents discuss thoroughly with their children the possibility of an early dismissal and make certain each child knows where to go when parents are not at home.

Emergency Cards

The emergency information card helps school personnel greatly in making decisions regarding your child in case of an emergency. Attempts will be made first to locate the parents before other emergency contacts will be called. It is vital that families complete these cards accurately and inform the school of any changes that may occur during the school year. No student will be released to any person not listed on the emergency card without written permission. If the card is not signed, medical treatment cannot be administered. Please be sure to list any person on your emergency card that we may call in an emergency or may pick up your child from school. Copies of the emergency card are also placed with the Larson Crisis Response Kit for use in a building crisis.

Is Your Emergency Info Accurate?
Please contact the Larson office at (248) 823-4800 if you have information (address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, etc) that needs to be changed on your child’s emergency card. Please keep in mind that these emergency cards are in two locations (main office and clinic), and it is important for the information to be accurate in both locations.

Also, please discuss with your student what he/she is expected to do in the case of a school closing when you are not at home. Our emergency “fan-out” will only work if you are enrolled in the system. This might be a good time to take the time to enroll in the Larson “fan-out” and emergency information that we have instituted via e-mail.