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School Lunch at Larson

The price of lunch for middle school students is $2.50, adult meals cost $3.75 and the cost of milk is $0.35. The Troy School District collects lunch money on a daily basis. If a child forgets his/her lunch or money, the office phone may be used to call home.

Students do have the option of bringing their lunch from home. Applications for free or reduced lunch program are available in the school office.

A point-of-sale system is used at the Larson cafeteria. This system allows students to proceed through the food service area more efficiently. The point of sale system allow parents and students to pay for meals on account, thereby eliminating the need for children to carry cash to school each day. Funds may be added to your account by one of three convenient ways:

With cash or check directly at school in the cafeteria register.
  1. Sending a check payable to Troy Food Services directly to the Food Service Office at the Services Building.
  2. By Mastercard or VISA through the Food Service Office for a small fee. The Credit Card Payment form is available at

Middle School students access the system with their student ID cards. As a student accesses the system, the cashier is able to view the student’s photo, name and account balance and any other information you may wish to add such as food allergy or meal restriction. Questions should be directed to Gayle Moran at Food Services at 248-823-5089.

Free or Reduced-Cost Meals Available

Free or reduced price meals are available in the school cafeteria to qualified students through the National Schools Lunch Program. Materials exploring eligibility requirements and application procedures are available in the Larson Main Office or the district’s Food Services Department at phone (248) 823-5089.

Pre-Paid School Lunches

Paying for school lunches is easy! You can deposit money into your child’s account by one of three convenient ways:
  • With cash or check sent directly to the school (make checks payable to Troy Food Services)
  • With cash or check sent to the Food Services Office (make checks payable to Troy Food Services)
  • Or by Mastercard or Visa through the Food Services Office for a slight fee

To pay by credit card, just fill out the Credit Card Payment Form, and send it in to the Food Services Office. You may pick up a form from the office or on the Troy School District web site, A small fee will be charged for deposits made by credit card. Forms should then be mailed or faxed to the Food Services Office at (248) 823-5051.

Now you will be able to pay for lunches a week, a month, or even the entire year at once, if you wish. Of course, you can still pay cash every day at your child’s school if you would like. Any money on account at the end of the school year will be automatically carried into the next school year. Please feel free to contact the Food Services Office at (248) 823-5089 if you have any questions or concerns.

Just a reminder… When writing a check for your child’s lunch(es), please make the check payable to
Troy Food Services. Thanks for your help in this matter.

Peanut Allergies

Larson Middle School would like you to be aware that there are a number of students at our school who are allergic to nuts. We do not sell items in our snack line or vending machines that have peanut products in them.
We want you to be aware of this concern so that you may select alternate snacks and treats when you are sending food items to school with your child. Thank you for being considerate of the needs of our student population!