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Citizenship Codes

Parents often ask what the criteria are for determining citizenship grades. Although, as in any grading system, the teachers have the right to determine and develop their own criteria, the following is a “general” guide for staff to follow if they are looking for some descriptors:
  1. Excellent Student displays self-discipline and contributes positively to the class. He/she displays qualities beyond that which is expected of the particular grade level.
  2. Very Good Student displays self-discipline and responsibility on a daily basis.
  3. Satisfactory Student displays conduct, attitude and behavior expected of the particular grade level. He/she responds to an occasional reminder of behavioral expectations.
  4. Poor Student is disruptive to the learning process: frequently needs to be reminded of classroom expectations.
  5. Unacceptable Student is often disruptive to the learning process. Does not respond to measures for correcting conduct, attitude and/or behavior.

Assignment Logs

Larson Middle School provides a Homework Assignment Log for each student. These Assignment Logs will allow students to record homework and class assignments on a daily basis. Students are to use their log each day. It is an integral part of our efforts to ensure student success. Our staff monitors its use and your efforts at home are very important in this process. Please monitor the Assignment Log frequently and discuss assignments with your students. When used consistently, the Assignment Log can communicate important information about your child’s progress in school. A replacement costs $4 and can be obtained from the office.
Testing Out
Students who believe that they can move faster than the pace of our advanced curriculum have the option of trying to “test out” of a class. While any student can attempt to test out, it is intended for those students who believe they already know the content of the class or can master the curriculum prior to a test in May of the current school year.

If a student is interested in testing out of a course, there are four resources available from the school district:

  • Parent/Student Information Sheet
  • Waving a Course Through Testing Out Authorization and Notification Form
  • Test Expectations for Specific Tests (See Counselor and available in school office)
  • Michigan Department of Education Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here for the forms and more information

Progress Reports
Progress reports are mailed home after the fifth week of each marking period. These are mid-term reports on your child’s class performance. Every student who is doing poor or failing work will receive a progress report.
All Star Students
Larson Middle School continues its recognition program honoring students who have made a positive contribution at Larson or in the community. The intent of the Larson All Star Student program is to reward motivated students and to encourage extra effort in all endeavors.

Teachers are asked to nominate students. To be nominated, a student must meet the criteria in one of the following areas:

Academic Improvement
Good Behavior
Initiative and Responsibility
Positive Attitude
Unique Contribution to School and/or Community

The Larson All Star Students will be given a certificate and recognized throughout the year.