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Student Insurance

The Board of Education has arranged to make Student Accident Insurance coverage available to all students.
An application envelope was sent home with scheduling information. To enroll in this plan, please return the completed application directly to Student Assurance Services, Inc., not Larson Middle School.

Any questions regarding Student Accident Insurance should be directed to Student Assurance Services, Inc. at their toll free number 1 (866) 293-6472.

Underage Smoking is Illegal

A City of Troy ordinance makes the possession of tobacco and tobacco products by a minor illegal. This is found in chapter 92 (disorderly conduct) of the Troy City Ordinance, sections 9.77.8 and 9.77.9. A person who violates this ordinance is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not more than $50.00. When a ticket is written for the above infraction, students seventeen and over will have to appear before the district court. Students under seventeen will have to appear before the juvenile court. The disciplinary procedure for the possession or use of tobacco or tobacco products is as follows:
1st Offense:
High School – 3-day suspension or 1-day suspension if student attends smoking cessation course
Middle School – 3-day suspension or 1-day suspension if student does 6 hours of community service

2nd Offense:
High School and Middle School – 5-day suspension and $50 ticket

3rd Offense:
High School and Middle School – 7-day suspension and $50 ticket

4th Offense & Subsequent Offenses:
High School and Middle School – 10-day suspension and $50 ticket

In order for a ticket to be given, an adult must witness the student in possession of the tobacco or tobacco product. That person must cosign the ticket with the liaison officer. In as much as this is a change in an administrative procedure, no change in the student code of conduct is necessary.

NOTE: It is not illegal for students who are eighteen years or older to possess tobacco or tobacco products. They can be disciplined as a result of the school code of conduct but cannot be ticketed. However, it is illegal for them to use tobacco on school property except on days when there are no regularly scheduled school hours or after 6:00pm on days during which there are regularly scheduled school hours. They can be ticketed if they are using tobacco during these times.

Outside Agency Requests

Request Student Information Often teachers and staff of Larson are asked to complete questionnaires on a student’s performance or behavior by parents, physicians or community agencies. To maintain confidentiality, we ask that all such requests be coordinated through your child’s counselor. Please bring all such requests and forms to the counselor for distribution and collection. This will keep your child’s counselor involved in helping with any concerns impacting your child.