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Health and Safety

Medication in School

Medications, with few exceptions, should be administered at home. If your child becomes ill, sees a doctor, and has medication prescribed, be prepared to ask whether the dosage can be administered at home. Most medications, including antibiotics, can be scheduled to be given before school, after school, and at bedtime, if ordered for three times a day. If it can’t be avoided, medication will be administered in school according to the medication policy of the school district. This policy requires that the doctor and parent complete the Authorization for Medication form which can be obtained from the school office.

Parents, please note, absolutely no medication will be dispensed without proper authorization - including non-prescription, over-the-counter drugs (i.e., Tylenol, aspirin, etc.)


Clinic Rules

For your information, the following are general guidelines for the Clinic at Larson: 
  1. A student’s stay in the clinic is limited to approximately 15 minutes. A decision is made as to whether a student can return to class or is too sick and must go home.
  2. If a student is too ill, a parent or contact person from their emergency card is called to pick the student up. It is VERY IMPORTANT that all emergency card phone numbers be updated as necessary in case of emergency.
  3. To enter the clinic, students should have a pass from the teacher, i.e., they should go to their class first, whenever possible, rather than come in during passing time.
  4. Students should be encouraged to come to the clinic if they are ill rather than call home from the pay phone.

Please review these rules with your student.

Child Protection Law

The Troy School District is committed to providing the best possible and most appropriate learning experiences for all children. Occasionally, there are factors in the student’s appearance and behavior, or statements made by a child that lead to suspicions of abuse or neglect. The Child Protection Act of 1975 requires all educators to report suspected abuse or neglect to the Department of Social Services in order that children may be protected from harm, and families helped.

The Troy School District supports Michigan laws, and requires that all school staff report suspected abuse and
neglect to their supervisors or building principal, as well as reporting to proper authorities. At all times, the intent is to protect children from harm by providing services to maintain and strengthen the child’s own family.

Should you have questions, or would like more information about the Child Protection Law in Michigan, please contact Mr. Seppanen.

School Safety Initiative

The safety of our students is one of the top concerns of our schools. As you may know, the State of Michigan has adopted the new School Safety Initiative that requires background checks for all school employees.

The Troy School District is planning to expand our compliance with this law by also conducting background checks on volunteers who will be supervising students when a Troy School District staff member is not readily accessible. Examples of such volunteers are those who drive students on field trips, parents who coach school sponsored clubs or activities that meet after school, and volunteers who supervise students on certain field trips. We feel that it is important that our parents know that we have taken these extra precautions regarding any adult who has the responsibility for supervising our students.

Parents who volunteer in this capacity will be asked to complete a form that will allow the district to complete a background check through the Michigan State Police Department. All information will be treated confidentially. Once completed, the background check will permit the parent to volunteer for similar activities at any level (elementary, middle school and high school) for this school year.

The Troy School District values its volunteers. Our parents and community volunteers provide critical support that enhances the learning and success of our students. These added measures are only being taken to ensure that our students are able to receive all of their school experiences in the safest environment possible.

Thank you for your continued support of our schools. If you have any questions
regarding this issue, please contact our school office.

6th Grade Immunization Info

Public Act 89 of 2000 mandates that an immunization assessment be done on each student enrolled in 6th grade. This will assure that all students are adequately immunized against preventable diseases before they reach adolescence.

Schools have been required by Public Act 368 of 1978 to collect and report the immunization
records of all new enterers to their school district each year in November
and February. Therefore, schools should have on file the records of all 6th grade students
in their district.

6th grade students are required to have received the following vaccines:

  • Complete series of diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus vaccine (DtaP, DTP, DT or Td), with one dose in the last ten years.
  • 3 doses of polio vaccine
  • 3 doses of hepatitis B vaccine
  • 2 doses of MMR vaccine
  • 1 dose of varicella vaccine (unless the child received the 1st dose on or after the 13th birthday, when 2 doses are needed) or has a history of varicella (chicken pox).

If varicella vaccine was administered after the 1st birthday and prior to the 13th birthday, only one dose is required.

Please check your immunization records to be certain that your child has all the required immunizations.

Thank you.