Block Starts 

Block Starts

All sprints including 70, 100, 200, & 400 runners should start from the blocks.
Focus on 

  • how he enters the blocks
  • runner take your mark position (37 seconds)
  • get set position (38 seconds)
  • arm drive (pause at 48 seconds)
  • head position coming out for the first several steps

Track Block Starts

How to Improve Your Start

High Jump


High Jump Slow Motion Technique

 Long Jump


Long Jump Techniques



Focus On:

  • How the runner prepares for the hurdle
  • The height going over the hurdle
  • How he minimizes jumping too high to keep him from slowing down
  • Consistency of steps between each hurdle


Slow Motion Hurdles

Hurdling Techniques

Walk-Over drills for Hurdles